01. Oceanlab – On A Good Day (Daniel Kandi Remix)
02. Giuseppe Ottaviani – No More Alone (Jon O Bir Remix)
03. 4 Strings – Take Me Away (Re-Ward Vocal Remix)
04. FKN – Why (Aly & Fila Mix)
05. Ferry Corsten – We Belong (Tritonal Air Up There Remix)
06. Ilya Soloviev – Universal Universe (Original Mix)
07. Andy Tau – Leap of Faith (Bissen Remix)
08. Boom Jinx & Oliver Smith – Sunrise (Joost Van Der Vleuten Remix)
09. Mungo – Summer Blush (Original Mix)
10. Andy Blueman – Everlasting (Original Mix)
11. Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Woody Van Eyden – Turn It On (Original Mix)
12. Vast Vision – Everything (Aly & Fila Remix)

Download: Emotional Ecstasy

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  1. Great mix amazining track slection, good mixing, good flow but my only gripe would be the very poor sound quality i find this a probem with most your mixes (please dont take this as a insult as the mixes are always spot on) i think you should posibly record your mixes with something new as thats clearly not working but other than that very nice work keep it up id say 7/10 (9 if quality was better) thanks for mix 🙂 keep them coming

    • Edric,
      Thank you for the comment. I appreciate the feedback, both good and bad. This mix, and many of my podcast episodes are being mixed in Ableton Live. I have been experimenting with using a compressor to limit the volume output. While I think the mix sounds fine, I may in fact not being using the compressor right which distorts the sound. I’m not sure. I encode the mixes as 192kbps, but seems to be the standard for mix podcasts. I’ll try to ensure that future mixes sound better.