I recorded this in late August of 2008. It was intended to be a guestmix for a podcast run by a friend of a friend. It was never used and sat quietly on my webserver ever since. I hope you enjoy it and that it will hold you over until I can mix again.


1. Simon & Shaker – Make It (Dub)
2. Derelict – Voice of Hope
3. Ferrin & Low vs Alan Morris – Atlanta
4. FKN – Why (Aly & Fila Mix)
5. Onova – Platitude
6. Dazzle – Chaos Theory
7. Digital Nature – Landmarks
8. Giuseppe Ottaviani – No More Alone
9. Paul Trainer – Totality
10. Activa – Remember (Club Mix)
11. Super8 & Tab – Elektra
12. Steve Mulder – Electronik
13. The Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy Hey Girl (Tim Davison Remix)

    Download (192k MP3): Click Here!

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    1. Hi Peter,
      Just a note to you. heard a track on you tube in regards to the KrKs.Was that your music? If so it sounded great,Keep it up. London H

    2. hey DJ Peter Morgan! AWESOME MUSIC coming from the people of the beautiful island of Guam, keep it up! Also for a new style can you make a mix or session with Gataka and Ananda Shake????!?!! peas out bro!

      • I’ve never heard of those artists before, but I will check them out.

    3. Nice!!!! Music man i mean i listen to you EVERY time i play my First Person Shooter games and my Mmorpg game dude your the hit i dont have to swtich songs and all that man i just let one up last for hours befor i change man your like awsome lol mixes are great!!i love the long mixes to! and your just a nice DJ lol ^^ i recomended you to a few Friends.